Aldis Sale Secrets- What You Need To Know

Aldis Sale Secrets- What You Need To Know

By | April 4, 2023

Aldi is one of the most popular discount supermarkets in the UK, and for good reason. Their prices are unbeatable, and they sell a wide range of products, from food and drink to toiletries and homeware.

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But what Aldi shoppers may not know is that there are a few secrets to shopping at Aldi that can make your experience even better. Here are a few Aldi shopping secrets that you need to know:

You can haggle at Aldi

Did you know that you can haggle at Aldi? If you find an item that is damaged or marked, you can ask the staff for a discount. It’s definitely worth asking, as you could save yourself some money.

You can return items

If you buy something from Aldi and it’s not to your liking, you can return it. Aldi have a ‘no quibble’ refund policy, so if you’re not happy with something you’ve bought, you can take it back and get your money back.

Aldi sell designer products

Aldi is well-known for selling budget products, but did you know that they also sell designer products? Aldi have been known to sell products by designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. So, if you’re looking for a designer bargain, Aldi is definitely the place to go.

Aldi sell alcohol

Aldi sell a wide range of alcoholic drinks, from wine and beer to spirits and liqueurs. They also sell a range of non-alcoholic drinks, so if you’re looking for a booze-free option, Aldi has you covered.

Aldi have a loyalty card

Aldi shoppers can sign up for a loyalty card, which gives them access to exclusive discounts and offers. The loyalty card is free to sign up for, and you can sign up online or in store.

So there you have it, 5 Aldi shopping secrets that you need to know. next time you’re at Aldi, keep these in mind and you’re sure to have a better shopping experience.

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