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Start Your Music Career with These Top Music Sharing Websites for Free

By | September 12, 2016

Music sharing websites are sites available online in which you are free to create accounts and to use them as you will to share your music for the world. From these websites, you can upload your music and publish it so that people from around the world can hear your work, even better, praise your work for its originality.

However, when you commit to open yourself to strangers you haven’t met offline; you have to be prepared for everything, including negative comments and unresponsive audience. However those problems aside, these websites offers great features for musicians to be able to publish their works without complicated requirement.

When it comes to music sharing websites, the one site that everybody talks about is Youtube. These days’ generation is familiar with Youtube. This is the place where you can find not only music, but also videos uploaded from anywhere around the world. You can too, share your music on Youtube.

However to upload it you need to create an account. Top celebrity like Justin Bieber was found in Youtube. Posting online your works is like playing a lottery, you can either win or lose it sometimes depends on your luck.

Nevertheless, Youtube allows you to publish your work which is shown in a form of music video or just lyric video, it’s all up to you, but this can be your chance to shine.

The second website is Soundcloud. You must have ever heard about Soundcloud, because it is currently the most popular music site. Moreover, it allows you to do pretty much similar to the one before this which is creating free account to then upload your work for people to click.

Each of them is included in music sharing websites in which you are now free to find your own angel.

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