By | September 2, 2016

Christopher Francis “Frank” Ocean is an American singer born in Long Beach, California, U.S. He has started his journey as a singer since 2010 when he was acknowledged as a member of Odd Future—a hip hops collective group. Since then, his life becomes brighter and his first debut studio album was released in July 2012, titled “Channel Orange”.

The album was so great it reached the top 2 on Billboard 200. Three singles from the album that were promoted were “Thinkin Bout You”, “Pyramids” and “Sweet life”. Since then, Frank Ocean is still on the boat with many great, and amazing works follow.

Growing up with his parents in Louisana, he spent his time with the music. Even though not like every single time, but he had plenty. He loved listening to his mom’s CDs and he was also working part time in almost every places in Louisiana just so he can save money to pay rent a music studio.

His singing talent has shown up since he was little. Talking about Frank Ocean’s singing career, it was begun in 2011 when he came out with a mixtape titled “Nostalgia”, “Ultra”, “Novacane”. Since then he was invited to work with great artists.

frank ocean grammy awards

His five-year journey in the music industry has got him amazing awards such as Grammy’s. His music talent is out of this world, but that what makes great, popular artists like Kanye, Pharel, Beyonce etc. wanted to work with him; wrote songs made good music with him. His songs that are the most popular songs are “Thinking About You” which is part of Channel Orange.

“Bad Religion”, “White”, “Pink Matter”, “Pyramids”, “Monks”, “Sweet Life”, “Forrest Gump”, and “Lost”. Those are the top 10 Frank Ocean’s most popular songs. Which one have you ever listened to? Tell me!