The Dos And Don'ts Of Visiting Open Countries For Americans

The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting Open Countries For Americans

By | January 27, 2023

When it comes to international travel, there are a few things Americans should keep in mind. Here are some dos and don’ts for visiting open countries:


-Do your research. Every country has different customs and laws. Be sure to read up on the country you’re visiting so you don’t accidentally break any laws.

-Do be respectful. Even if a country has different customs than what you’re used to, it’s important to be respectful of those customs.

-Do learn some of the local language. Even if you can’t speak it fluently, learning some basics of the local language shows that you’re interested in the culture and willing to make an effort.


-Don’t assume that everyone speaks English. Just because a country is open to Americans doesn’t mean that everyone there speaks English. It’s always polite to learn at least a few words of the local language.

-Don’t be a “ugly American.” Unfortunately, Americans have a reputation for being rude and arrogant when traveling abroad. Be sure to mind your manners and be respectful of the locals.

-Don’t forget your passport. This one should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget their passport when traveling abroad. Be sure to pack it in a safe place where you won’t lose it.

Now that some countries are opening up their borders to American travelers, it’s time to start planning that long-awaited vacation. But before you start packing your bags, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some dos and don’ts for visiting open countries for Americans.


-Check the State Department’s travel advisories before booking anything.

-Get travel insurance that covers Covid-19.

-Make sure you have a valid passport.

-Pack light and be prepared for changes in plans.

-Be respectful of local customs and laws.

-Wash your hands often and practice social distancing.


-Assume that all open countries are safe for travel.

-Rely on your health insurance to cover Covid-19 treatment.

-Forget to pack a face mask.

-Try to change your plans at the last minute.

-Disrespect local customs and laws.

-Forget to take basic precautions against the virus.

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