Youtube Music, A Review

By | January 25, 2020

When I first saw the offer to download the Youtube Music application in seconds I immediately did it. It’s just that at the beginning I was a little confused by the new look, the article is not all the songs that I want I can listen to, it turns out I was in a free package!

So, if I want to enjoy an unlimited variety of songs I have to pay to get a premium package. A little disappointed, but it’s only natural because this premium service provides the appearance of songs and videos that are ad-free. This means that we are not bothered by advertisements when we are listening to songs. Make sense.

According to Wikipedia, YouTube Music is a music streaming service and mobile application developed by YouTube; it provides a customized interface for services that are oriented towards music streaming, allowing users to browse music songs and videos on YouTube based on genre, playlist, and recommendations. This service also offers a premium rate, which allows ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, and downloading songs for offline playback. The benefits of this subscription are also offered to Google Play Music and YouTube Premium customers.

Rich music, varied songs

In announcing the launch of Youtube Music in Indonesia, the company ensured that all content on Youtube was available on Youtube Music. “All playlists will be available on YouTube and YouTube Music. And the good thing is, you can find video playlists on YouTube then you can bring them to your YouTube Music app and listen to them in audio mode … There are millions of good playlists created on YouTube and we make sure we share it (on Youtube Music), “said Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager for YouTube Music.

The display looks like Spotify


Regarding how it looks, I think the look of Youtube Music is like Spotify. The background is dominated by black so the content looks more dominant. Like Spotify and Joox, Youtube Music also provides music recommendations that are tailored to the user’s interests.

The reviewer of said that the adjustment itself is set based on the type of music that was played on the main Youtube application. This helps make it easier for companies to provide better personalization for users. In addition to recommendation songs, Youtube Music provides company-curated playlists.

On the main display, you can see a number of playlists, including Instant Energy, which contains playlists of pop genre songs to EDM. There are also playlists that are customized for users who are exercising. As is known, people like to exercise while listening to music. It’s only natural that Youtube Music offers this playlist.

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